“Commit with an explosion!” — Daniel Renwick, 22nd October 2016, Tallinn (EE)

I love this expression. We have discussed commitment a lot on this blog already (see http://improblog.be/tag/commitment/), but this is the first time we look at the beginning of commitment.

By jumping into everything head first, you’re leaving no way out for yourself. This might help you to simply let go of your fears and inhibitions and move on to explore your unknown further and further.

Remember, this has nothing to do with ‘exploding emotions’ on scene. You can also commit with an explosion into being a very silent character and commit with an explosion into very small movements, for example.

Try this in your next scene!

"Commit with an explosion!" -- Daniel Renwick, 22nd October 2016, Tallinn (EE) Click To Tweet


“Be surprised by yourself.” — Daniel Renwick, 22nd October 2016, Tallinn (EE)

First do, then think. Or, as said before: first jump off the cliff, then figure out how the parachute works. That’s precisely what you have to do to keep on inspiring yourself or, in fixed groups, your partners.

Going boldly where you have never gone before is always rewarded in improv. Embrace the unknown, go to where the danger is and… surprise yourself. It’s fun! 🙂

How life is

“Improvisation involves coming into a situation without rigid expectations or preconceptions. We must keep going forward, fearful or not, and be ready for anything that comes our way. That’s how life is. Remembering that life can be full of surprises is always useful. We’re improvising all the time — it’s good to recognize that.” — Bobby McFerrin

Does it need more explanation?