Hold on, let go

“Hold on tightly, let go lightly.” — Heather Urquhart, 6th November 2015, Barcelona (ES)

Very Heather Urquharty of course to present the “kill your darlings” principle in a little rhyme. 🙂

This is a very important idea, especially in musical scenes and joint songs, but also in general improv.

Stick to your impulses, make your intentions very clear, be overly specific. But at the same time, let go easily if things aren’t getting picked up. Gladly accept when things take an unexpected turn. Be happy and generous even when you don’t feel your partner is following you.

Your impulses are only there to inspire your partner. Apart from that, it’s not about you. Leave your ego out.

Scene edits

“Your body tells you when to edit.” — Rod Ben Zeev, 7th November 2014, Barcelona (ES)

When performing long form, scene edits are most often initiated by the actors off stage. If you’re not sure wether a scene needs an edit or not, follow the impulse your body gives you. If it wants you to get on stage, follow it. Never fight your body impulses when you’re off stage.