“Stop trying to be interesting. Be interested instead.” — Daniel Orrantia, 3rd July 2015, Milan (IT)

An actor who’s interested in his character, in what he’s doing in stage, in what is happening around him, is always interesting to look at. Audiences give a lot of credit to invested and committed improvisers. Not so much to people on stage trying to be interesting (most often recognised as people being funny all the time because they’re uncomfortable up there).


“Enter the scene as if you’ll be there forever.” — Rod Ben Zeev, 13th September 2014, Utrecht (NL)

Never enter the stage with the idea to leave it immediately again. This is about actors entering a scene to deliver a single line, mostly aiming to throw in a quick joke as a waiter, messenger, or what have you.

Don’t do that, since it’s really just you on yourself having a little plan in your head. Moreover, always be prepared to be kept on stage by your partners, you don’t know what’s going to happen.