Change of breath

“Breaths cannot lie.” — Jill Bernard, 7th November 2015, Barcelona (ES)

The current goal at every given moment in a scene is to make your partner’s breath change. At the same time, you should always be aware of your own breathing to notice when it changed.

Yes, it will change without you asking it to. Your breath acts faster than your brain. Make sure you notice it so you can continue acting upon this greatest of gifts to an improviser: a simple truth emerging from the scene inside of you.

Your brain is a liar

“Your brain is a liar and wants to screw you over. It is where your ego lives.” — Dave Razowsky, 23rd October 2015, Würzburg (DE)

We all know  there is no room for the actor’s ego on the improv stage. We also learn so much about getting and staying out of our head.

Everything anybody has ever said about you lives in your head. It’s packed with religion, history, shame, pride, dreams and regrets. All things that do not matter.

This quote brings those two concepts together in true Razowsky-style. During the same viewpoints workshop Razowsky also came up with the following: “Imagine the worst picture ever taken of you; look at yourself in this picture and see how despicable you look; well, that is your ego. Ban it.”.

Great lessons to keep in mind for all improvisers!