About edits

“Your body is brilliant. It’s your brain that gets you in trouble.” — Rod Ben Zeev, 19th September 2015, Utrecht (NL)

It doesn’t matter if you’re on stage or off stage. When you’re performing, you have to remain alert at all times.

It has been said many times before that alertness in improv is not (only) a brain thing. You should trust your body, especially in matters concerning leaving and entering the stage.

Turns out that Rod has treated us with similar wisdom before. 🙂

Scene edits

“Your body tells you when to edit.” — Rod Ben Zeev, 7th November 2014, Barcelona (ES)

When performing long form, scene edits are most often initiated by the actors off stage. If you’re not sure wether a scene needs an edit or not, follow the impulse your body gives you. If it wants you to get on stage, follow it. Never fight your body impulses when you’re off stage.