“Play characters that want to exist.” — Kelly Agathos, 30th April 2018, Milan (IT)

When working with masks this is pretty common I guess: your mask character wants to exist, it loves when it can do stuff, can experience stuff, can live. But the same can be said about any staged character really.

Do you recognise that feeling of wanting to return to a character you have discovered before? That feeling of sorrow when a show is over, knowing that you won’t be able to get to play (or ‘be’) that character anymore? Moments that you can’t help but wonder how that character would have reacted to a given situation?

As most remarkable stories feature interesting characters, I suppose this feeling is a good indicator you discovered a memorable scene or story in your show. Well done!

"Play characters that want to exist." -- Kelly Agathos, 30th April 2018, Milan (IT) Click To Tweet

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